Lighting Your Way.

Party on!

Turn any house or apartment into the ultimate party spot!

Make it happen!

With Newayz Flash creating a completely customized light show is as easy as opening our app! Flash is an easy to use, yet extremely powerful lighting system that provides a range of functionality and will enhance any experience!

Go Big!

Connect up to 250 lights to a single system!

Join Forces!

Trying to throw a really big party? Have your friends bring their Flash light system with them. With Flash you can effortlessly add your friends’ lights to your system through our App. Newayz has designed Flash to work no matter where you bring it.

Express Yourself!

Flash is built for sharing great moments!

Join the Community

Share pictures, videos, settings and get rewarded for it with the Newayz community. Need help getting your system working? The Newayz crew is always online, reach out to us through the community portal so we can get you back in the game.